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No nonsense, no baby sitting, no locking out of your account.  You need to send emails so your business can prosper.  It is about time that an email marketing company helps and supports you in this goal.

If you have attempted to send cold or sales emails using one of the larger email marketing companies, you have no doubt run into a slew of problems.  Here is a collection of people upset with how the major email marketing companies treated them, their emails, and their business:

"Absolutely nothing good to say about MailJet. The company is the absolute worst to work with. The lack of quality customer support, the lack of responsiveness to issues, and the lack of ethical conduct towards its customers."

"Mailchimp have been absolutely appalling as a 'service', which is a disaster for small businesses. They have been painfully slow to respond to complaints, with no contact number to reach, and often taking over 24 hours to respond to emails. If you're a small business, avoid Mailchimp at all costs!"

"Constant Contacts service has became worst day by day. My account cannot send out any emails after upgrade the plan to 450k last week and until today nothing has been solve."

We experienced these problems ourselves and decided, the only way to get around these issues was to start our own email marketing company.


Allows cold email lists

First email does NOT need approval before sending

NEVER locks account if spam score is high

NEVER locks account if bounce rate is high

Gives you access to your own email server

Gives you access to your own IP address

Tech support within 12 hours

NEVER locks account based on how list was obtained

Allows purchased email lists

NOT required to meet with customer service first

Helps you set up DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and rDNS/PTR 

No nonsense

Allows emails to role emails like sales@domain.com

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