Email Marketing Design Tips

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

There are many simple tips to use when creating your marketing emails. These tips will help draw your targeted audience in and make them want to learn more about your business.

Tip #1- Don't Use Too Many Links

You want to add links of course in your email to your website. However, do not add too many because it could have a negative effect on your success. Too many links can send a red flag to email providers and cause the email to be flagged as spam or junk. Include links from your website that go directly with the message you're sending. Make sure internal links are easily accessible on your website so customers can explore more information.

Tip #2- Use Colors to Enhance, But Not Overwhelm Your Email

You'll want to make your email eye-catching so customers are drawn in and want to read more. Be careful however not to add too many colors or colors that clash. Also, make sure the colors you use can be easily read and do not overpower each other.

Tip #3- Use Images That Support Your Message

Use images in the body of your email that support the message you're trying to send. Images make emails more appealing to read and give a visual representation of what you're selling.

Tip #4- Add Your Brand or Logo

Establish credibility by adding your brand and/or logo in your emails. If you're a new company you'll want people to start recognizing your brand. If you're an existing company, adding your logo will help people recognize the email immediately.

Tip #5- Keep Your Subject Line Short and Sweet

Finally, keep your subject line short and sweet. This is the first thing they will see when the email comes to their inbox. Make your subject line get straight to the point, yet inviting so customer will want to learn more and open the email.