What Should Be Included in a Marketing Email?

If you're trying to sell a service or a product, or simply just want more views to your site, your marketing emails will be very important. Everyone has email on their phones these days and gets instant notifications when they receive one. Keep reading to see important points that should be included in your marketing emails in order to draw in your audience and create engagement.

"From" Name

It doesn't seem like it's a major point, but make sure you have a recognizable "from" name on the email. It allows your customers and viewers to immediately realize who they are receiving an email from and you will more likely get better engagement and clicks.

Subject Line

Besides who they're receiving an email from, the next thing your customers will see is what the subject line is. Make your subject line, short, sweet, and to the point. You'll want enough of a description to draw them in, but not so long it gets cut off and can't be read.

Valuable & Relevant Information

You'll only want to send marketing emails when you have relevant and valuable information you want to share. Don't overload your customers inboxes with emails or you might lose them as a customer. Decide how many times per month you want to send emails and stick to it. Different audiences will prefer different amounts of emails they receive each month.

Use Preheaders

Use preheaders in your email. A preheader is different than a subject line, it's a mini summary of what customers will find when they open their email. Make this about one sentence that summarizes your most important key points. For example, a newsletter that goes over a bunch of topics might have a preheader that says "View our newest blog posts, recipes, and coupons for savings."


Once you think you've finished your marketing email, test it and test it again. Send it to yourself or a couple of friends and read through it, see what formatting needs changing, and edit it. Keep test sending it until you're happy with how everything looks and sounds. We guarantee you'll find at least one thing you need to edit during the testing phase.

Promote It

Finally, after sending your marketing email, promote it wherever you can. If you have social media accounts, post it or a link to it so you can get even more viewers.